Top Rated Casting Websites for Actors

Monologue Blogger presents our selection of the current top rated casting websites in the entertainment industry.  Actors need to be careful when it comes to using casting websites that may or may not be trustworthy.  There are a ton of casting resources out there that promise you the high heavens, when in fact they are after your pocket.

Before signing up to shady casting sites, be sure to have a look below at Monologue Blogger’s list of the most trusted casting websites on the internet.

Top Rated Casting Websites for Actors

You can always check out a casting company by looking into customer reviews. Websites like share a reasonable amount of reviews from people who have used casting services.  If you simply go to Google, you can always type in the name of the casting company and type in the word “review” after it and see what comes up and what people are saying about the service.

Monologue Blogger’s Top Rated Casting Website Guide:


Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognized as the industry’s best.Mandy offers a sophisticated way of searching for casting notices.  They maintain a large database of television film producers, facilities and technicians worldwide covering a multitude of jobs in general for the entertainment industry.


Casting Networks is dedicated to providing business solutions for entertainment professionals. They are continuously developing their software to improve upon their services with not only talent castings but the industry environment as a whole online.


Actors Access is a good casting resource.  They allow you to sign up for free and submit yourself to castings for two dollars a pop.  You can always sign up for their services and submit to as many castings as you like.  If you ever have a question, they are fast to give you support.

Craigslist is not centrally focused on casting notices but they certainly offer a constant stream of opportunities for actors.  Wherever you may be located, craigslist provides listings for a wide range of entertainment related topics that you may find useful.

Playbill offers some terrific casting notices daily for free.  They allow you to scoop up emails from castings for submissions.  Well worth your time to check out.  Playbill was first printed in 1884!  =)


Actors Equity offers auditions notices for equity members.  Equity members are also often informed of when agent auditions take place throughout the year.  Non-equity members can audition as well when there are open call castings.

In Conclusion:

It’s always advised, even when working with trusted casting companies, to use your best judgment before submitting yourself out for a role.  There are times when sneaky casting notices get slipped in under the radar that are not worthy of your time to audition.

Always double check listings for safety and for your own integrity.  If something doesn’t seem right to you, inquire about it to the casting service you are using and they will most likely investigate the matter.

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