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40 practice scripts in drama/comedy/surreal/crime genres for content creators, actor auditions, filmmakers, online videos or acting class scene study.

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  1. Foot of the Bed two female lovers try to come to terms with the nature of their relationship.
  2. Real Again – two teenagers are in love and plan to make their escape.
  3. Basket Case – a comedy sketch with a single mother raising her only daughter.
  4. Scattered ShowersSandra is a workaholic and Tanya is mostly oblivious.
  5. Clean Recordtwo first year college students get acquainted as roomies.
  6. Common Practicea woman advises a neighbor on ‘managing’ her husband.
  7. A Woman Like Me – NANDA opens up to her best friend ARLA about her state of happiness and how her current life is not exactly what she imagined signing up for.
  8. BoulevardA mother confronts her daughter about what she is doing with her life.
  9. Dead Hour – After a late night of partying, JESSICA and LEXI have both gotten home separately.  The action takes place in their living room/kitchen.
  10. Full Circle –  TANYA and BEVERLY were two former best friends who happened to bump into one another at a city park.


  1. Weight of Laughter – an interesting look into a man who makes a living “laughing” for films.  In this scene he gets interviewed on a radio show.  Mid-way through the interview things go ‘off’,only to restore back to normal soon after.  Did it really happen or was it in his mind?
  2. Dirt Mouth – a man visits a hotel in Rockaway Queens, New York, where a man who resides there and owns the hotel sells guns.
  3. Nitty Gritty – this takes place back during the early 20th century with irish criminal immigrants.
  4. Dead Girl – a terrible situation occurs in this comedy when a man calls his best friend for help because the woman he was sleeping with overdosed on drugs.
  5. Once In A Blue MoonSlade robbed from the wrong man and now has to pay the worst price for what he did wrong.
  6. Chitter Chattera strangely funny view of two corporate business men competing against one another from two rival agencies.
  7. CandyA father talks to his son about his usage of drugs and dealing.
  8. Changes – JARED confesses to DONNIE that he doesn’t want to make music any longer.
  9. Robot Run Z – STAN has slipped out from the ‘bot’ he must answer to in his home known as the CONGRIDOR to meet with RICHARD.  He has secretly met his next-door neighbor at the side path of where their backyards connect.
  10. Sunshine and Bikinis –  In this short dramatic scene, BUSTER visits his friend ALEC who has not emotionally overcome divorcing his wife.


  1. Relativity of KombuchaJimmy recounts a story to Maria of what took place while shopping at the supermarket.
  2. True Blood Ties – this is a family scene that takes place between a father (who is locked up in prison) and his daughter who visits him.  The scene reveals the difficulty of separation in family, the struggle of family finances and other elements under-riding the subtext of the scene.
  3. Harold’s Ear – a comedic scene with a Uncle and his Niece.  The niece practices her musical instrument with passion but with horrific results and the Uncle is at his wit’s end listening to it.
  4. Encounter – a period piece about two people who first meet and have an instant liking for one another.
  5. Middle Ground
  6. You Almost Ready?a bombed off his ass boyfriend waits for his girlfriend to finish getting ready before they go out.
  7. Sun Tzu of Self-Sabotagetwo people trapped within the lack of ambition they need to get up off the couch.
  8. Que and Schelptwo rebellious teens are on a path across America robbing convenience stores and gas stations.
  9. Last Wednesday two co-workers are slipping into madness…or, perhaps they are already there.
  10. Death Was The Only OptionTwo friends meet with marital problems and the possibility of connecting on their own.


  1. The Lights Shine Brighta strip club owner isn’t happy with how hist dancer shakes her ass.
  2. Peak Heat Hour – a father who has been kicked out of his own own from his wife because he hasn’t been keeping up with the bills, pays a visit to see his daughter, only he encounters a situation he never would have imagined.
  3. El Camino Del Diabloa talented bull fighter gets visited by a Conquistador in the desert. 
  4. Blind SpotA young Irish lad can’t seem to find his mother to apologize for accidentally smacking her in the face.
  5. Jonny’s HomeA father comes to the aid of his two daughters in the face of a predator.
  6. Loose As GooseThree gangster women are in turmoil over getting started on a job because one of them is too drunk.
  7. Blue Door Ronniea surreal view of a man visiting a pawn shop only to be met with a strange and physically violent encounter.
  8. Going North To NowhereA hit man is planning on killing a man until he hears the man’s wife abuse him over the telephone.
  9. Man With Guna comedic take on two men attempting to rob a diner when one of them brawl with an elderly lady.
  10. The Colors of Familya serio-comic look at a fast paced family causing all kinds of mayhem.

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