Top Shelf

In this monologues, ZED talks about how he has been ignoring his true calling in order to have financial success.

ZED:  I’m scrambled up man.  Like there’s all these feelings swimming around inside of me at the same time.  I’m just trying to hear my inner voice.  I need to go deep.  God, I haven’t gone deep enough lately in my work and it’s troubling me. Getting too caught up in the whole business side of things and almost, well, deliberately ignoring my real voice.  There is only one.

Gaining access to it…that’s the wicked part cause it’s just there, sitting on the top shelf and I’m sitting across from it with my back to it and time keeps slipping away.

I don’t know man…am I a joke to myself?  No, I don’t think I’m a joke to myself but I still haven’t unlocked the key that gives me the strength to turn back around and reach for it.

I’m close. Very close.  So close…yet…yet.

Just maybe, I’m smiling the whole time in meditation, before I open my eyes and wake up from this life.  Maybe, I’m secretly playing a game where what’s at stake is my existence, the ultimate sacrifice.

Joseph Arnone


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