Trust Me For Once

In Trust Me For Once, Pala argues with her mother over how she has been choosing ‘party’ school to attend college at, rather than schools where she can focus on her studies only.

Pala:  You put too much pressure on me, stop it, I want to go to a good school, why do you think I don’t?  (beat)  But I’m doing all the applications on time.  I’m not being lazy about it.  I’m on top of things.  This is why I want to dorm because you will drive me absolutely crazy and I want the full college experience.

I’m not picking party colleges.  Well, I’m picking colleges for my degree but yeah, of course I’m also considering schools that have social quality.  You can’t expect me to go to a school and just do my studies only.  I also need to grow as a person too and have experiences.

We’ve been through this already.  Just let me do my applications and trust me for once.  Have some faith in me.  I’m not planning on throwing my life away, so stop being so dramatic all the time.

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