Trying To Turn A Teenagers Life Around

In this monologue, Mr. Ludlow talks to Fred, a reckless teenager who likes to start trouble by stealing and causing vandalism.

MR. LUDLOW: You know who you are?  (beat)  You’re a little scrawny dirtbag with no father and no direction in your life because your mommy does drugs and you get bullied at school.  That’s who you are…am I right?  (beat)  I know who you are because I used to be exactly like you.  Some punk kid with anger and no one to teach me how to use that anger.

You know, you come around my store for the past six or so months and I watch you take things.  Candy, beers…I see it all.  I see all the vandalism you do outside on the building walls…hell, you’ve even urinated on it, too, haven’t you?  I have all the video footage to prove it.

There are some people I’ve crossed paths with in my life who, for some strange reason, I take to.  I’m not talking sympathy…in your case, despite all that I’ve witnessed you doing, I see the good in you.

I’m gonna make you a deal, kid.  You start working for me, today.  There’s been a delivery and there’s a ton of boxes that need to be moved and shelved.  It will take you about four hours of work.  We’ll try you out.  You will be paid if you make it to the end of the four hours.  If you do well, you will be given more days and more hours and we will go from there…if you break my trust just ONE TIME, you’re out.

What’s your name?  (beat) Fred.  Okay, Fred.  Here’s the key to the back storage door, let me show you what you have to do to get started.

Joseph Arnone


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