In the dramatic monologue Badge, JASON talks about why he quit the police force.

JASON:  It changes you. I was on for six years before I realized I was a completely different person.  I became distant.  I abandoned my family, the my friends I grew up with.  I became a cop 24-7.  That’s no way to live.  I felt this pressure building up in my chest every single day.  Getting worse and worse and then one day I couldn’t breathe.  I fell down to one knee and I couldn’t catch my breath for the life of me.  I panicked.  My partner rushed me into emergency.

It was a freaking panic attack.  That’s when it all hit me in the face.  I asked myself if the job doesn’t kill me in the street, I’m gonna kill me from stress.  So, either way I was headed for a breakdown and I couldn’t allow it.  I just couldn’t do it no more…

The day I turned in my badge, was such a great day.  I walked out of the building feeling like a new person.  I felt like the future was ahead of me once again.  I took up my hobby as my profession.  Now, I have my own home based business and I couldn’t  be happier.  My friends and family are back in my life full swing and I’m forever grateful I made the decision.

This is what living is all about.

Joseph Arnone


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