In this monologue, Janice feels guilty over the fact that she slept with someone behind her boyfriends back.  She talks to her best friend about it.

Janice:  When my eyes first opened, I felt great, had all this energy but then slowly, my stomach began to fill up with this strange twinge…I began thinking about what I did and how I was going to go back home and face him…his face…his eyes…I began to feel ugly, so ugly inside; this rotten tickle inside my center.  Guilt.  I looked over and I was alone; left in the bed at some random hotel. No note.  No; I felt alone, I felt alone, sick and miserable for what I did.  I never thought that I would be the type of woman to do something like that and…it changed me forever…me, us…everything fell apart.

Joseph Arnone


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