Two Bags Of Coke

In the crime monologue Two Bags of Coke, a police officer recounts a nightly tale while being on the job.

OFFICER TUNIC:  Over on a 125th street.  That’s where I busted him.   I was actually there with my partner over a car stop.  Drivers side-view mirror was out.  Typical routine bullshit.  Anyway, I noticed this guy on a bike ride buy and I see him stop near another bike that was chained up to a meter.  Then the guy looks up at me and my partner and rides off.  About ten minutes or so later, I see the guy riding back down the same street, except on the other side of the block, across the street.  So, I call him over.  The guy comes over and he’s got one of those black pouches around his waist.  Bitch bags, I call ’em.

Anyway, I ask him for identification.  He didn’t have any on him.  I ask him what’s in his bag and he says money.  I make him open up the bag and he has about ten different credit cards NOT in his name and guess what else???

Two bags of coke.


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