Two Grand for Three Hours Worked

In Two Grand for Three Hours Worked, Cason is getting up on his hustle and is about to do some shady shizz in order to pay his bills and support his girl.

CASON:  Look, I know things have been hard for us lately and I know you’ve been extraordinarily patient with me; my mood swings and outbursts are all because of my struggle with money…you know this, and I’m not saying it’s an excuse or anything, cause it’s not, it’s not.

You know, I’m doing everything I can for us.  (beat)  Bobby called me.  Before you jump down my throat, let me just explain what—let me explain this opportunity, for us.

Just listen before you react!

(beat)  He told me that he needs someone as a ride along, for Brooklyn.  I don’t know exactly what he’s pushing but I’m not getting involved in that.  I’m just a body, so he doesn’t look small.

We’re gonna drive to BK this Friday, he’s gonna make whatever exchange he’s gonna make, and I’ll be back home inside of three hours flat.

Two grand.  He’s gonna give me two grand for three hours worked.  That’s it.  It will buy us time with the rent and before they shut our lights off, and I should get that callback any day now from that stupid interview.  (beat)  Alright, alright, it’s not stupid, I know…I’m just frustrated…

Don’t look at me like that, alright?  I’m doing everything I can over here!  You think I wanna do this crap?!  I don’t want this!

…I can’t borrow any more money cause I’m starting to look like a loser and I have pride, you know, let me hold on to whatever I have left.

What am I supposed to do?  I do this for us and it will put me right where I belong, back on track and I’m telling you, I’m getting this job.  They are gonna call me and I’m gonna get hired and we’re gonna be okay.  I’m telling you.  I just need to do this for us to get by.  Please, baby, you need to understand this.

Joseph Arnone


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