Two or Three Days

Living Room. Early Morning Hours.  A dramatic scene for three characters.  Roxy doesn’t want her husband’s brother living with them anymore.

Two or Three Days

Roxy: He needs to leave.

Tom: I know, Rox. I’m not stupid.

Roxy: He’s a mess and this is all your fault, you know that?

Tom: Yeah, I’m used to it.

Roxy: What are we gonna do when he gets back?

Tom: Just let me take care of it. I know how to handle his ass.

Roxy: I don’t trust him.

Tom: Enough with that already, alright? It’s my brother, what do you want me to say?

Roxy: I want you to tell him to F off.

Tom: It’s my brother.

Roxy: Yeah, well, he’s costing us a fortune.

Tom: It’s my brother. He’s my blood. That’s it.

Roxy: I understand that but he is messing up our lives.

Tom: I told you, I’ll talk to him.

Roxy: You always talk to him and then he’s good for like two or three days and then he’s back to the same old bullsh’t.  He needs to get packing!

Tom: You need to calm down, alright?

Roxy: I’m tired of being calm!

Tom: (beat) Are you done?

Roxy: He came here and it was only supposed to be a couple days and it’s been six months! Six months of finding his dirty underwear stuffed in a couch, his socks always scattered around, his dirty jeans always creeping up on some piece of furniture, he burps, he farts, he forgets to flush the toilet when he goes to the toilet and he eats EVERYTHING in the fridge. Everything! He spends no time with his niece and—

Billy comes out from behind backdoor.

Billy: Hey Rox…hey…I want to spend time with my niece…I do…I love my niece but I don’t know how to treat kids. I don’t know how to speak their language.

Roxy leaves the room.

I wasn’t being mean to her, Tom. I was just saying—

Tom: Sit down.

Billy: Why you taking that fatherly tone with me, Tom? You know I beat the sh’t out of dad.

Tom: Yeah? Well, you won’t be beating the sh’t out of me, Billy.

Billy: Don’t try to be a dad with me and we’ll be alright.

Tom: I’m not trying to be a dad with you, especially our dad.

Billy: Good cause that tone you took, I saw his face and I hate his f’ckin face.

Tom: Can we get away from that now cause I need to talk to you.

Billy: What now?

Tom: Roxy is driving me crazy because you’re driving her crazy.

Billy: How’m I driving anybody crazy? I keep to myself.

Tom: Billy, you’re my brother and I love you but you need to have some awareness. You leave all your sh’t all over the place. It’s not like you and me growing up here man, she’s a woman, you need to be clean around her, help her out, clean your own things up. I mean you’re embarrassing me.

Billy: Sorry if I’m embarrassing you.

Tom: Billy, listen, I’m not saying you’re an embarrassment. I’m only saying that you’ve been doing embarrassing things.

Billy: I don’t know how to be like you.

Tom: I don’t want you to be like me. Be you, just be neat.

Billy: Nah man, you don’t get it. I don’t know how to be normal like you bro.

Tom: …You are normal, what’s the problem?

Billy: I’m not normal. Look at me. Divorced three times and I’m only thirty. That’s gotta be some kind of record. Am I right? Who gets divorced three whole times in ten years? ME. Cause I’m an idiot. Can’t hold down a job. Can’t hold down a woman and my heart sang for all three of ’em.

Tom: You’re just hitting a dry patch, nothing we can’t figure out.

Billy: And where would I be if you weren’t here? Where? Where would I go?

Tom: But I am here.

Billy: But what would I do if you weren’t?! WHERE WOULD I GO?!

Tom: I am here, now stop it. I don’t want to hear that kind of nonsense.

Billy: Ah man, look at me bro, look at me.  I’m a loser!

Tom: You’re not a loser. You’re my brother. We have the same blood, so, if I’m doing okay that means you have it in you to do okay also. I’ve hit my hard roads, everybody does. Nobody’s above it man. We all go through sh’t in different ways. That’s how life is supposed to be.

Billy: Well, when’s my time coming?

Tom: You just need to keep on. Keep at it. We’re waiting on hearing back from the truck company and I bet that will be a good gig for you. You’ll be back on your feet rocking and rolling again. Find yourself a new woman and be happy.

Billy: Screw happy.

Tom: Oh stop.

Billy: You know, I love Roxy man. I do. I think you got yourself an amazing girl. I hate myself for being who I am and I hate myself for how she feels about me. I know she hates me.

Tom: She doesn’t hate you.

Billy: I feel it. I see it in her eyes. You can’t fake that sh’t.

Tom: She doesn’t hate you. You upset her but she doesn’t hate you.

Billy: I love my little niece…she’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

Tom: I know you love her Billy. It’s all good.

Billy: I’m so messed up, I don’t want the kid seeing me like this, ya know? How’s she gonna understand, a little angel face like that? I don’t want her to look at me different either.

Tom: She loves you too.

Billy: I know I’m drunk right now and I’m the famous brother of loserville, that’s my place in this family. It is what it is brah.

Tom: Listen, go to bed, we’ll talk more about everything tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Alright? Okay?

Billy is passed out on the couch.

Roxy comes in.

Roxy: I know you didn’t tell him. I heard everything.

Tom: …How could I tell him?

Roxy: Tomorrow. You have to tell him tomorrow.

Tom: Yeah, yeah. Just…go to bed, I’ll be there in a minute.

Roxy: I’m serious, Tom.

Tom: I know. I know you’re serious, Roxy.

Roxy leaves the room.

Tom stares at his brother sleeping and lights a smoke.


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