Unbound Energy

Unbound Energy is a comedy monologue where Seth explains to his buddy how he hasn’t felt the need to sleep and yet his life has been amazingly productive.

SETH:  About four days ago, I woke up from my bed early Saturday morning.  It was as if I was wide awake, like I had three cups of coffee but without the jitters or hyperactivity, only a heightened reality, an awareness where I was able to take in everything around me in its entirety.

I haven’t gone to sleep since Saturday morning simply because I haven’t had the desire or need to do so.  Physically, I am not tired.  It’s been four straight days and I’m not one bit tired.  Around the clock, day and night, feeling perfectly well rested with full functioning brain power…unbound energy.

I’ve gone over in my mind what could have led up to this change?  Nothing comes to mind.  Nothing at all.

Before Saturday, I was always my usual self…lazy, grumpy and bored but now, now I’m ready to go!  I even went for a jog.  I have never gone jogging in my whole life.

It’s as though I can will myself to do anything at anytime without any hesitation and with no typical after affects.

For instance, when I went on my jog and got back home, it was as if I hadn’t even gone.  I could have turned right around to do it all over again, if I wanted.

I went to the gym!  Listen to this…and I worked out for two hours with no strain or fatigue…I mean, I felt the heaviness of the weights but it wasn’t torture to work out, I just did it and actually enjoyed it.

Jill came over and you know, she stayed the night but I literally could have gone on forever…forever.  That NEVER happens to me man!

I keep checking in with myself and I feel awesome, best I’ve felt in years.

It’s not that I’m better at anything, cause I’m not, it’s just that I am not losing energy and I can achieve whatever I set my mind on without procrastination, second guessing, complaining…it gets done.

My only fear is that I won’t be able to keep this up but it’s been four days and I’m completely fine!

What in the world do you think has happened to me?!

Joseph Arnone


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