Under Your Wing

Under Your Wing is upper class gangster speak coming from HESS who has a run in with a fellow associate in the underworld crime syndicate of business.

HESS:  You didn’t give me a shot.  You knew by the look in my eyes that I needed your help, guidance, a hand up and you left me stranded in the ocean but I didn’t drown…I swam, I swam until I reached the shore.

And here I am.

At first, you were part of my motivation.  You were someone I wanted to destroy.  Over time, I became less angry at you and I began to have compassion, I began to realize that the greatest thing you could have done wasn’t to take me under your wing but to leave me to drown because now I am someone in my own right.

Had you helped me, I would have been your wing man and truth be told, I am nobody’s wing man. I am boss of my own domain.

No, I don’t wish to take you down, so long as you keep doing you and stay where you belong, I will do me and we will be nice and friendly…that’s where I stand at the present time.

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