In this monologue, CARSA does his best to explain to his girlfriend that he doesn’t have secret intentions to hurt her emotionally.  

Carsa: It’s not my intention to make you feel worthless.  What kind of man do you think I am Lorraina?  Do you think that’s my intention?  I don’t want to hurt you…ever.

You pounce on me, over little insignificant things.  Things that most people don’t even think about arguing over.  Like the other day when I came home with sweetened almond milk but you wanted unsweetened.  Remember?  You had a fit that went on for fifteen minutes before you finally fizzled out.  Fifteen minutes!  Do you realize how intense your temper can be sometimes?  And I let it go because you seemed like you were in a mood and I didn’t want to fight with you.

…I never want to fight with you but after awhile, when I keep taking in your fits, sooner or later I have to release, too.  I may not react quickly the way that you do over every little thing it but I can only take so much of your bickering and yelling and complaining, before I lose my temper also.

I truly feel that you need to chill out over the small things and stop making everything a big issue.

Joseph Arnone


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