In this monologue Roberta talks about why she feels so underappreciated despite how much time and effort she puts into her loved ones.  

Roberta:  I feel like I should be some kind of expert juggler in a circus.  That’s the best description I can give.  Paint me white, put on a red nose and throw me in front of an audience.  I can juggle my man and all his problems, my friends and all their problems, my enormous sized family and all their problems, plus my work and dog and it goes on and on and I’ll never seem to drop one ball.

It’s a lot of pressure and I am aware that it’s self-imposed but how can I not be present for what matters.

I just want to be appreciated once in a while or given a pat on the back and told, “You did good Roberta, I’m proud of all that you do. I know it’s not easy but I appreciate who you are in my life”.  (beat)  If someone would just say those words to me once in a while, man, it would make me feel amazing inside.  It would be like this enormous weight carried off my shoulders.  All I need is acknowledgement.

Do you ever feel like that?

Joseph Arnone


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