Untold Stories of Padgett Xarles – episode 2

Untold Stories of Padgett Xarles, a drama series based of a 19th century business man who organized private affairs and arrangements.  1m, 1f cast.

Untold Stories of Padgett Xarles – episode 2

Back seat of a car.  Evening.

Padgett Xarles: Good evening Mrs. Cutlery.
Mrs. Cutlery: I wish I could say it was a good evening. I’m completely distraught. The nerve of my husband, not being part of this community, doing the things he has done…utter madness.
Padgett Xarles: Some men want nothing to do with such matters. They are solely of an individualistic nature. It’s to be admired. Perhaps if I wasn’t so mischievous myself, I never would have formed this group and I would be considered a lone wolf only.  I’ve only tried to bring order to things.
Mrs. Cutlery: Yes.
Padgett Xarles: I wouldn’t be so sad Mrs. Cutlery. You still get to play by your own rules, even if your husband does not.
Mrs. Cutlery: Something should be done about it. Surely, you have connections.
Padgett Xarles: Are you insinuating what I think you are insinuating?
Mrs. Cutlery: Perhaps I am.
Padgett Xarles: Let me stop you. I do not bend in such violent directions.
Mrs. Cutlery: Something must be done!
Padgett Xarles: Obviously, you are upset as one can only imagine but these marital matters always have a way of working themselves out, without any outside influence.
Mrs. Cutlery: Please, you are the only person I know who can make such arrangements.
Padgett Xarles: Mrs. Cutlery, if I did not know you better, I would be insulted.
Mrs. Cutlery: I do apologize. I’m terribly upset and my mind is spinning wheels.
Padgett Xarles: I understand, entirely. You are in good hands. If you trust me, please allow me to guide you away from violent tendencies and toward a more enticing arena.
Mrs. Cutlery: What do you have in mind?

Padgett hands Mrs. Cutlery a violet envelope.

Padgett Xarles: Someone has placed a bid on you.
Mrs. Cutlery: Really? (she smiles enthusiastically) When?
Padgett Xarles: Oh, recently. You know the rules.
Mrs. Cutlery: My oh my. This is my very first bid!

Mrs. Cutlery begins to open envelope.

Padgett Xarles: Not here. In your own privacy, please. You have twenty-four hours to let me know if you accept, upon which I will inform the depositor if you have accepted or denied the advance.
Mrs. Cutlery: Oh! This is all too exciting, Mr. Xarles. I can’t thank you enough. This couldn’t have come at a better time.
Padgett Xarles: Yes, I know.

Mrs. Cutlery hugs Padgett.

Mrs. Cutlery: Thank you.
Padgett Xarles: Sure thing. Rest assured Mrs. Cutlery, a beautiful woman such as yourself will have no problem finding inner balance.
Mrs. Cutlery: Good evening.
Padgett Xarles: Good evening.

Mrs. Cutlery leaves.

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