Value of A Dollar

In Value of a Dollar, CHRIS talks to his co-worker about the difference between them in regards to how they each value money.

CHRIS: I’ll tell you why we don’t get along.  You define your self-worth by materialistic things.  You see, you think I don’t care about money, but I do. I care about money very much, just not in the same fashion as you do. Cars, boats, houses, that all makes you happy, it makes you feel important, it makes you feel stable.

With me, it’s a different story.  I don’t need material things in my life to be happy or feel secure.  I would venture to say that I crave money more than you will ever crave it yourself because my need for it serves an important purpose, bigger than myself.

That’s where we differ.  You live your life for you, I live my life for others.

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