In short monologue Veil, VALERIE talks about her terrible temper and the destruction she knows she can cause towards her loved ones.

Valerie:  There’s a hidden veil that breathes over me that I am constantly in conflict with…it’s a dark energy that I find myself strongly resisting against.  It’s strongest with the ones I love.  I often find myself fighting to keep these angry feelings within for fear of setting off…

—I know what I’m capable of doing and I believe they know as well.  It’s a problem I’ve had as a child, really.  One that has only developed into a stronger command of my attention.  It’s always there, ticking.  A bomb waiting to ignite.

I work hard at my temper.  I work hard to keep things inside, to meditate, to keep myself away from everyone’s ignorance.  It’s the ignorance that truly gets me fired up. Seeing things further…that’s the most painful part…seeing what others do not see.

Isn’t that horrible?

Joseph Arnone


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