Video Game Obsession

In this monologue, Coleman is in complete turmoil over the fact that her husband Walter has become obsessed with playing video games.

COLEMAN: Obsessed. It’s all he does.  It’s what he’s become!  I leave home to go to work and he’s playing video games early in the morning.   And it’s not even like he gets up and goes to play.  He just never comes to bed at night.  He plays straight through the night and by the time I wake up and get out of bed, he’s still playing the game, with his finger hitting the joystick button as if his life depended on it.

What do I do?  I stare at him and do you know what I see?  I see a man who looks like a child.  His hair puffy and disorderly.  He has a five o’clock shadow, stains on his shirt, food and beer cans laying all around him.  I find blankets and pillows as if he’s permanently moved into one spot of the living room floor.

And now he’s been missing days at work.   He never misses days at work.  This past month alone he’s missed three days.  It’s a major concern for me.  I’ve tried speaking to him about him but he pushes me away in anger and says I never let him have fun.  When he does come back from work he drops everything and goes straight to his game console.  He doesn’t say a word to me.

That’s not normal.  It’s like he’s been brain washed.  It’s getting harder and harder to reach him and I’m afraid.  What do you think I should do?

Joseph Arnone


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