Waiting For The Beat To Drop

In Waiting For The Beat To Drop, BREV is drunk and talks to a friend about how he shouldn’t admire him and instead should become his own hero.

BREV:  You admire me?  That’s…that’s a nice thing to say but it ain’t true…it ain’t true cause I’m not who you really think I am…I’m a fraud…I’m not the one who you think I am to be…right, so you take your admiration and stick it on someone else who deserves it…I don’t deserve it, I ain’t never deserved to be looked at, let alone admired.

Ha, ha, ha, ha (sips his beer)

My life is about waiting for the beat to drop…yeah?

I don’t think it’s admiring me that got you…I think it’s feeling bad for me that got you.  I think it’s all the trash you see in me that got you…

When’s the beat gonna drop?!

You look at me and I see your eyes all glazed over with joy and it kills me because I’ll never be as big as you need me to be…I’m just a man, a person…a dude who dudes around, dude.

And you are someone looking for a hero and I’m not the hero you wish to find…find the hero in yourself…don’t look up at me, just look at me straight in the face and be your own special person…that’s it, that’s all of it.

Drop that beat!

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