Walk Before You Run

Walk Before You Run is a male teen monologue. JUSTIN gives advice to his younger teenage brother about the first girl he’s currently dating.

JUSTIN: Just be patient, Ricky.  Don’t rush into anything you don’t feel comfortable with.  I’m happy as all hell for you, you got a girl and she’s a cutie and you both really like each other…that’s good.  All I’m saying to you is walk before you run and enjoy your time with her.  Life goes by in an instant.  I know you won’t really grasp what I’m telling you until later in your life but try to understand that these are your first steps with a girl and you should just enjoy yourself and the experience of it.

Don’t listen to your knucklehead friends about doing this or trying that and don’t ever feel pressured into things just because everybody else is doing them or has already done them.  Go at your own pace and be careful.  (beat) I’m always here for you and if you need some back up, you know, someone to ask questions or seek advice, know I am always here.

Have fun, be smart.

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