Walter Ford

In this war monologue, Walter Ford pushes his men forward under heavy fire from the enemy.

WALTER FORD: You have to keep going until you squeeze out the last drop of juice you have in you to squeeze out.  They’re gonna come at you with everything they got, with all their heart, all their mind, all their guts, all their spirit, everything…they are just as crazy as you.  But you have something else; you went through this war already, you’ve already been through the worst of it, this shit ain’t knew to you, you’ve already lived it, killed it and you loved it…this is their first time, boys…you understand…you know what it feels like to be torn away from your family, see your brother’s head get chopped off, get stabbed and shot…scars are decoration where you come from and when they look you in the eyes and you glare into them for the very first time, they will know as sure as there heart skips a beat that they met their end.  That is all.  We do what we came to do and that is all…

Joseph Arnone


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