Want To Hear The Rest?

In Want To Hear The Rest?, Susie talks to her friend Lisa at work about her experience with a man the night before.

SUSIE:  I haven’t used my legs to walk all day.  Just been wheeling around this is here chair all day long, if you know what I mean.  (winks)  Not one peep of sleep.  After it was all said and done, a shower, got dressed, popped a bagel and here I am.  (she smiles BRIGHTLY) 

Want to know what happened?  I bet you do, (waving finger) I bet–you–do.

My dam has been broken and I remodeled the world honey.  I have been reincarnated into a Goddess.  When this poor bastard came upstairs after our date, he did not know what hit him.  Mmm hmmm.

The action started in the elevator and we could not stop.  I’m fumbling with my keys, trying to unlock the door.  He’s has me in the air, I have him in a leg lock around his neck…it was…oh, it was…divine.  I could not even tell you how the door suddenly burst open and we both fell to the floor and it was all in motion.  Perfect.

We kept at it all through the entire apartment, crashing into things like we were in battle…we never made it to the bed.  We exploded all over each other and died at the base of my bedroom door.

At least, that was only the beginning…want to hear the rest?


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Joseph Arnone


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