Warped Negative Vibrancy

In Warped Negative Vibrancy, PHILIP talks to his best friend who is his female roommate about the negative energy she’s been sending him.

PHILIP:  What are we talking about?  (beat)  What?…Let’s be honest, okay?  There’s this awkward depression that exists between us now.  An odd sort of half-assed smirk that creeps out of the side of both our faces when we walk past one another or when we happen to be sitting in the same room together.

Communication is somber and I don’t want to be somber.  I want to be energetic, lifted, happy for heaven’s sake!  What’s all the inward fuss about?  (beat)  I get these vibes, these invisible electrical currents thrown at me whenever I’m near you, some warped negative vibrancy aimed at me and it brings me down, puzzles me completely and I want it erased–GONE–for good, I want you to tell me what is on your mind.

No more charades and just truth!  You hear me?  I just want the truth so we can get along even better than we used to.  (beat)  So come on, I’m waiting, say something…

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