Watch Where You Tread My Friend

In Watch Where You Tread My Friend, ROTH gently warns someone at a social party that they have overstepped their boundaries.

Roth: There are two worlds that exist in this one world.  Both are based on perspective.  One world is the world we project to others.  The other world is the one we keep hidden.

Lately, you have been treading on my world.

The thing about that is you don’t know which side of me will respond.  In fact, the only one you are actually aware of is what you’ve seen.  Therefore, logic reveals an assumption you may have of my actions.  You would not be wrong in your assessment, but wrong with the outcome.

There are no guarantees in this life that the people’s toes we step on are not much larger than our own.

So you see, it is always best to make love, not war.  If I were you, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to be more conscious of where you tread.

…Nice party.

Joseph Arnone


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