Water Under The Bridge

In the drama monologue, Water Under The Bridge, Rianda confronts her sister about the disrespect she consistently shows their mother and entire family.

Rianda:  I know there is something wrong with you, something off in your brain.  I’ve worked so hard all these years to condition myself, in order to work alongside you in this family.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt the need to punch you straight in the face.  I want to punch you straight in the face this instant.

You can hurt me, say what you want, do what you want and it’s fine, it’s water under the bridge, I’m used to it…

When you go at our mother, when you say the things and do the things that you do, well, that’s a whole different playing field for me.

You might be having these mental issues and that’s fine but when you cross the line like you’ve done with our mother, you haven’t seen crazy until you’ve seen me.

Shut your mouth and listen to what I’m saying to you.  You are not allowed to disrespect our mother the way you did in front of me today ever again.  If you ever pull that shit again, it will be the last thing you remember doing.

I promise you, on my life, I won’t look at you like my sister…so check yourself girl.

Joseph Arnone


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