Wax Wexler

In this serio-comedy monologue Wax Wexler, Wax is an offbeat, eccentric person.  Everything he talks about makes sense to only him.

W: Wax.  I’m changing my first name to Wax.  My last name is Wexler, so I think the name Wax Wexler has a nice ring to it.  Besides, I’m considering going into acting and I can see that name up in lights.  WAX WEXLER. Yeah.

Mars.  One day I’d like to have a house built on Mars.  Be the first.

Jennifer. I knew a girl named Jennifer once who poured hot apple pie on my thighs…
Macintosh computers are the coolest.

What do you think when you hear the name Devlon Man?  Weird, right?

Nine times three equals twenty seven.  Twenty Seven times one equals twenty seven. Seven times four equals 28.  I like to do math more in my head nowadays because one out of five men become senile in life and I don’t want to be the one.  Doing math in my head keeps my brain as sharp as a whistle, even though a whistle isn’t sharp.  The saying must be a reference to the sharpness of sound.  Do you like that reference?
Bellagio Nightclub in Vegas.  Wish to go one day…

I love Manhattan skyline.  Don’t you?

Wax Wexler…

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