We Are The Distance

In the dramatic monologue We Are The Distance, TEDDY has prepared himself to be there for his brother in a way he never imagined he could.

TEDDY:  It’s gotten to that point, Bill.  We are here, now…I know you ain’t too happy none and well, I’ve decided, I’ve finally agreed to put you at ease.  I can’t stomach seeing you this way.  Such a miserable bastard, face drooping down to the floor like mush.  Well, let’s say we go out to the woods and I blow ya head off like you want?  (beat)  That still suit you?

You been trying to convince me for months.  You even dug that stupid hole out back on my property.  It’s still there…open.

We go out back, talky chatty some and I’ll put one in ya dome for ya, just like you asked.

Not like I wanna do it.  Hell, I don’t wanna kill anyone, least of all my own damn brother…

(pulls out paper)

…I found this….buried in your suitcase…crumpled up and stained and…(he smells it)…I didn’t know you was dying, Bill.

(clears his throat)

She’s locked and loaded, if you want, we could end this now, together…no more suffering, no more pain…I figured if you want this so bad and you asked me to…I’ll do it because you asked but…but, ah…just don’t tell me you’re gonna go soft.  Don’t talk to me about changing your mind.  Don’t talk to me about our memories growing up, when we used to light fireworks and blow up our neighbors mailboxes.  Don’t talk to me about that time I got Peggy to give you your first kiss or the time I you beat up Moss because he hurt me in gym class.  Don’t talk to me about marriage and losing a son and having a divorce and drinking yourself nearly to death…don’t talk to me, you son of a bitch about being late on the mortgage payments and car payments and health payments and all kinds of payments!

Don’t talk to me about giving up!  You hear me?  Do you hear me?!  Don’t you ever talk to me about giving up!!

…Don’t talk to me about…putting a bullet in my brother’s head because he can’t go the distance…don’t talk to me about going the distance…we are the distance…we are the distance…

Joseph Arnone


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