In WEIRD, a young kid about the age of 11 walks up to a chair discreetly.  After a moment he sniffs the seat of the chair and coughs.

Melvin: I’m a strange kid.  I’ve always done strange things but it started a year ago when I suddenly sniffed my Grandpa’s work chair.  I don’t know why I did it.  I sort of knew it would smell funky, but I did it anyway, out of curiosity.  You see, I know it was strange to think it and probably more strange to act on my thought but I find it hard to contain these strange urges.

Like, a month later, I found myself having the habit of licking my palms.  Every hour.  No matter what I was doing.  It was like an alarm bell sounded in my brain and I had to lick each palm once with my tongue or else something inside of me wasn’t getting satisfied.

Another time, I found myself cleaning my ears with a Q-Tip, sniffing and touching the tip with my tongue…habitually.  That lasted for two weeks.

Oh, please, I don’t mean to gross you out. But you see, I know it’s weird.  I’m a weird kid.  I get it.  I don’t know why I’m weird.  Are there things that you do that are weird, too?


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Joseph Arnone