Welcome To The Club

In Welcome To The Club, Charlie tells his friend that his son is becoming a man and the way in which he helped him figure things out for himself.

CHARLIE:  My son is growing up quicker than I ever could have anticipated.  Just the other day, I was doing some yard work…planting all kinds of new shrubs and flowers I bought over at Home Depot.  You know, for the wifey…make her happy.

My son comes running over to me.  But he’s running like he’s gotten hurt real bad.  So, I’m thinking, is this a broken bone, a bruised hip, a busted rib…had no idea.  But it looked serious.  I throw down my shovel and ask him what’s up.  He says, “Dad, I’m in alot of pain down there.”  I saw by the little man’s face, that he was “discovering himself” but choked at the finish line.  So, I just looked at him calmly and said, “In this family, we finish what we start.”

He looked at me puzzled at first but then his eyes slowly narrowed with confidence and he ran into the house.  Not two minutes later he comes back out into the yard with the dopiest grin I ever saw.  I said,”Welcome to the club.”

Joseph Arnone


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