What’s Your Problem, Bro?

In the monologue What’s Your Problem Bro?, SULLY talks to his friend about what a creep he’s been acting like in recent months.  

SULLY:  Holy shit, take it easy man.  What’s all the nervous energy about lately?  Every time I see you, you act all over the place like you’re always in some kind of rush.  Chill out.  You were never like this.

I come over last week, we order Chinese food and the whole thirty minutes we were waiting for the food to be delivered you were disgruntled and complained nonstop.

Now, I understand the whole hungry man bit, I get annoyed too when I’m starving but that’s not the only example.  The past few months you’ve been like this short tempered five year old boy.  What’s up with that man?

There’s no reason to get so angry over the fact that I’m five minutes late.  The girls aren’t even going to care let alone notice and God knows you can deduct five minutes off the time we’re going to have to wait for them when we get there, anyway dude.

Seriously, what’s going on with you?

Joseph Arnone


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