What’s Your Secret?

In this monologue SHARON wants to get a confession from her girlfriend about something she feels is kept secret from her.

SHARON:  I see it, behind your eyes…why can’t you be honest and straight up with me? Why all this hidden darkness?  (beat) Oh stop the lying now.  You gonna lie to me now, right to my face on top of it? I can tell, I can tell that something isn’t right with you.  You act too careful or something, like you’re afraid of me finding something out that will make me angry.  What is it?  I want to know what it is and DON’T SAY I am imagining things again because I hate when you say that to me..not with this, this is something I feel in my gut.  What’s going on with you?  Tell me, tell me the truth!  I’m not gonna sit here and play guessing games with you or sound like I’m accusing you.  I only want you to tell me what’s going on inside you lately….that’s all.  (beat) I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to…you know that…you know you always have my support…even if it’s something that does have something negative to do with me.  Even then…


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