When All Is Said and Done

In When All Is Said and Done, Marta talks to a friend about how she sometimes tends to get in her own way with making a decision because she thinks to much.

MARTA:  I’m confused…there’s so many options ahead of me and I’m not certain which door to choose…my biggest concern is choosing a path that is going to consume a ton of my time and energy, only to find out years from now that all that investment was a waste of commitment.

It’s not that I’m unsure of the success of where I place my attention, that’s not it at all…it’s in the choice…I want to be sure that I choose correctly but the funny thing about it is that I won’t know the answer to that until it’s all said and done.

I guess that’s the nature of life…

I keep going over in my mind all the different combinations, the outcomes, sort of like a chess player sees a certain amount of moves ahead of time…it’s like a math equation, I bend myself one way and then another and I play out all the multiples but logic can only go so far…it’s really about the gut, isn’t it?

I can get logical and see how things play out but the gut makes the final decision…the problem is that I’m struggling for the outcome my gut will like…

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so clever…it gets in the way of my intuition, which, in my opinion is the highest form of intelligence…I need to learn how to get out of my own way…think less…you have any suggestions for me?

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