When I Call Your Name You Answer Me

In this light hearted drama monologue, CARLOTTA talks to her teenage son about how he continues to ignore her calls when she says his name.

Carlotta:  I want to talk to you about this ignoring me business.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  I call your name on the top of my lungs five or six times and you don’t hear me?  People down the block can hear me.

When I call your name you answer me.  Don’t act like you’re suddenly hard of hearing. I’ll take you to the damn doctor if that’s what it is…do you have trouble hearing?  (beat)  Since when?  What?  Wait, when have you had difficulty hearing?  ..Last May…you don’t say any—it’s gotten worse?  What do you mean it’s gotten worse?  Which ear?  (beat) Muffled!  My voice sounds muffled to you?

Why are you laughing?  Oh, oh…that’s funny?!  How can you joke about something like that?  You turn my stomach.  Get away from me.  No!  That’s terrible.  You should never ever, ever, ever joke about your health or well being.  Ever!

You know the story about the little boy who cried wolf…no?  Well, go read it.  Teach you a lesson.  I don’t find that funny one bit.  Not one bit.

And from now on when I call your name you respond or else.  Got it?  Since you are blessed to have such impeccable hearing.

Joseph Arnone