When I Turn Away From You

In the monologue When I Turn Away From You, Jackie delivers a passionate plea to her friend Carl about why she has turned her back on him.

Jackie:  Why did I turn my back on you?  Deep down you know why.  You have so much talent and you sit on it.

You talk to me about this idea and that idea and how you’re gonna get whatever you are working on at the moment done and there’s a whole story of nothing but delusions.

You don’t focus.  You don’t zero in.  You don’t finish.

Anyone can get pumped up over an idea but what do you do when the idea’s emotional impact begins to fade?  What carries you then?  Huh?  This is why nothing ever works out for you, cause you don’t have that burning desire to get through the difficult days…you can’t spend your whole life waiting to be inspired…you have to work when you aren’t inspired, you have to put in when you have nothing left in your tank.

Where is your passion, Carl?  You talk to me about it but you don’t act on it and you take years to do anything…this middle of the road bullshit gets you nowhere…it’s like you’re kidding yourself into believing you’re on track and making things happen, when all you’re actually doing is stalling progress.

Nobody else is going to care enough to tell you this…nobody.  You know why?  Because the reality is that nobody gives a damn.  Nobody is ever going to give a damn enough about you.  YOU have to give a damn about you. YOU.  It’s your life.

Man, it drives me crazy when we talk because all I hear is noise, noise, noise but I don’t ever see results.

Show me!  Show me the results!  It’s for yourself, you don’t have to answer to me.  It’s for yourself!  But get to the end of a project already.  And I don’t want to hear about how Da Vinci never finished projects…you are not Leonardo Da Vinci, so quit while you’re ahead.


I care enough to tell you this but that’s as far as I go…doesn’t matter how close we are…I can’t do it for you.

Why do I turn my back on you?  Because I know your potential and you keep throwing yourself away.  Everyday that goes by is another day you chuck out the window.  The days stack up Carl, the days turn into months, turn into years, turns into decades and then you are some old dude looking back wanting to blow your brains out cause you finally realize you wasted time your whole life doing nothing!

Don’t you see what I’m saying to you!  Now is the time.  Now!  Not tomorrow, not next week…NOW.

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