When Temptation Has Its Limitation

When Temptation Has Its Limitation.  AGGIE does her best to convince her friend that a married man should be off limits.

Aggie:  Shawna, I told you already, he’s not gonna go for it.  I can tell he’s attracted to you and it’s obvious that the two of you have outstanding chemistry but he’s with someone else, he’s married and he loves his wife.

Stop tempting him.  He’s a good man and you’re a devil.  Leave him alone.  (beat)  I know you think you can ‘land him’ as you claim because I’ve seen you do it before but this guy is different…he’s a good guy, Shawna.  Really, he is…a rare breed these days.

I’ve known him for a long time and yes he’s good looking and yes he’s charming and yes I too would like to have his children but he’s a stand up guy.  I know this for sure.

You can have all the fantasies you desire but he needs to be off limits from now on.  I know his wife too and she’s an absolute sweetheart.  Truly.  She’s adorable and as sweet as you can make them.

Do business with him, be friendly but please, please put an end to it.  Don’t be such a floozy.

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