Whence I Came

This is a monologue that combines elements of spoken word/poetry and the actor is welcome to generate their own definition of the piece.

I saw myself in a storefront window today.  I was unmoving and solemn.  The more I stared at myself, the more I refused to look at me.

I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like all eyes on me, my eyes on me.  I didn’t like looking away pretending I didn’t see me outside the window.

I didn’t like it.

We breathed together as one.  Not intentional.  No.  But certainly in accordance with our own harmony.  As one.

He was a better version of me, up their for the world to see.  I wish I could be him even though I was him.

I didn’t like it.

Wow.  I didn’t know I appeared as such…such, such as such I appeared as.

I didn’t like it.

Joseph Arnone