Where Do People Get Their Manners?

In this teen serio-comedy monologue, JASMINE tells her friends about her day at work and how often she constantly deals with rude customers.

Jasmine:  People have no patience.  None.  I work at a sneaker shop and the people that come inside are so rude to me and I know if I snap back, which is what I want to do, I’ll lose my job and I need my job, so I’m stuck dealing with attitudes all day long.

This one woman, a young girl too, she came in with her boyfriend acting all authoritative, ordering me around the store and was so so so nasty to me.  She was like, (imitating) “I told you to bring my man a size ten, these are eleven.”  And this is after I already explained to her that we didn’t have ten but I could bring out eleven just for him to try it on.

And then she was like, (imitating) “Yo, what happened to the black kicks with white stripes?  These are white kicks with black stripes?”  And again this was after I already explained to them both that we were out of the ones they wanted…this was all day.

Then I had this guy come in and he was ridiculously smelly.  I’m sorry but don’t come into a sneaker shop with stinky feet.   When he took off his shoes to try on the ones he wanted, I fell back.  Way back!  No, really, I literally stumbled backwards for a second and barely held on by some invisible miracle.

The worst part was trying to help him fit his foot in the sneaker.  Imagine?  The dude asked me to help him and I was all up in there, trying not to touch his thick wet socks with my fingers.  (she sniffs her fingers)  Still.

It was horrible.  And he was rude!  He was so rude to me!  Like it was my fault his foot wasn’t fitting in the sneaker.

Where do people get their manners?


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