Where’d She Go?

In this monologue, MOTHER is shopping on an avenue when she suddenly realizes that her four year old daughter is not next to her.

MOTHER: Lana? Lana? Lana?! Oh my G—Lana?! Lana?! Where’s my—Where’s m—LANA?! LANA?!! Oh my God, my daughter…my daughter…she was just….LANA?!! LANA!!! LANA!!! LANA!!!! My daughter! My daughter! Where’s my child?! (to passersby on the street) Have you seen a little girl with dark hair and fair skin about four years old….she had pig tails and, and, and she was wearing a, a , a white dress with red lady bugs and….LANA!!! LANA!!!!

Oh my God… (she cries upon seeing her daughter by a fruit stand) (to an elderly woman) This is my daughter, thank you, thank you.

(to her daughter) Oh. How did you get over here? You didn’t hear mommy calling you?! Oh come here, come here… (she hugs her daughter) You gave mommy a heart attack. I told you to stay with mommy, never to leave my side. Don’t ever wander off like that again? You hear me? (she hugs her daughter)

The scare of my life…

Joseph Arnone


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