While I Was Laughing

A dark comedic male monologue While I Was Laughing, SIM explains to his friend about an annoying co-worker he puts up with at his job.

Sim: You know how there are some people who have high pitched laughs or laughs that sound like animals?  Right.  Well, there’s this guy at work who has a physical laugh.  I’m not talking knee slapping, I’m talking elbow poking.  Whenever someone in the office says something funny or if he makes a joke of some kind, he’s always doing this…(jabs elbow in air)  Let me add his laugh to complete the picture for you…(jabs elbow in air while laughing outlandishly)

That’s Bob at work.  Not only is it annoying, but it actually hurts.  The guy hits me so hard with his elbow that he actually bruised my rib.  This has been going on for months.

So, the other day someone made another lousy joke in our huddle of misery and here comes Bob with his swinging elbow aimed straight for my rib cage, but before he could land his evil blow, I beat him to the punch and literally slapped him so hard on his back while I was laughing that it stopped him dead in his tracks.

I found myself laughing harder and harder, slapping him again and again on his back.   I almost couldn’t stop myself, until finally I looked at him with my mouth wide open, letting out this enormous HAAAAAAA before slapping the bastard really hard one final time and walking away from the bunch.

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