While I Was Sleeping

This monologue is about a guy who is coming to terms with knowing who he is and what he must do to live contently being who he is…if that makes any sense.

JAMES: I’m starting to hatch.  Do you want to know what that means?  Well, for a while there I was so far deep in my own ass that I couldn’t see the light of day if you paid me. Literally.  I was so consumed with trying to figure out how to be consumed…haha…I see things much differently now.  It’s taken me a very long time after living out all kinds of crazy shit to finally realize that everything I’ve always wanted has been dead smack right in front of my stupid face.

I realize that everything is going to be alright…I’m sure there will be life’s ups and downs but overall, I imagine it will all work out pretty well..I don’t know why I came across this bit of understanding recently, maybe it was whispered to me while I was sleeping, but, I’m just going to do my best with whatever it is I think I know and see where these cards wish to fall…

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