White Light, Dark Matter

In the monologue, White Light, Dark Matter, Calvin talks to his son about how he views his version of the meaning of life in simple yet thoughtful terms.

CALVIN:  Over the course of one’s life, you penetrate deeper.  You’ve stared life in the face for so long that eventually you see patterns.  You recognize that everything has its rightful place, white light, dark matter, all of it.

Then you start to feel as though you’re about to die, at any given moment but you keep ticking on, keep trekking along.

You think you’re going mad because everything has been laid out right there in front of you and the fact that it all makes sense somehow disturbs you, frightens you, makes you feel all alone.  And you are, we are, all of us are, alone.

But we exist, we breathe, we continue to be.

There is no remedy for this thing called life.  All any of us can do is see it through for as long as we are meant to and find out what happens when it’s all said and done.

Joseph Arnone


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