Why Actors Should Be Blogging

There seems to be a bit of resistance in the entertainment industry when it comes to why actors should be blogging. Resistance, I believe, due in part to the lack of understanding the overall benefits blogging can have on your acting career.

I’ve recently shared information about how to get started with your own actor website but I’d like to elaborate more on the impact blogging can have for you by answering some key questions.

What exactly is blogging?

First, let’s get a clear and simple understanding of what exactly blogging is before explaining its benefits.

  • Blogging is a communication tool, that gives you the opportunity to express yourself to your industy.  You do this by regularly posting content on your own website in the form of writing, photos, videos, podcasts, graphics or gifs.

There are loads of definitions on blogging but my definition is focused on appealing to an actor’s perspective.

Actors Should Be Blogging

Blogging is a tremendous vehicle for harnessing traffic, depending on how you use it.  Sadly, there are even multimillion dollar companies out there today that STILL don’t realize the benefits blogging can have on their business.  Yet, some of these same businesses that actually have a blog do more harm to themselves than good because it’s half baked at best and poorly executed.  This results in damaging their company brand rather than adding any genuine value.  The point I wish to make for you from this analogy, is you need a blog and you need to make it good.

The industry is always changing and as an actor you have to keep up with it. You have to look at every opportunity out there to get ahead and blogging is just another way to get in the game and will help you build your personal brand.

You have many blog content choices before you and it’s all about choosing what works best for your tastes.

Why is blogging good for you?

For some, it may be a great way to have creative release.  Writing is an act of creativity and expression.  When I first started Monologue Blogger, it came from a need to express myself and it made me feel good inside to do so. Blogging can have the same affect on you.

Blogging is also good for you because it will help make your actor website a real home base.  Anybody that tells you that an actor website isn’t important for you, truly doesn’t know the value of having one in today’s day and age.

An actor website is your home base, it will be easier for you to network and refer people back to your site.  Remember, your website is a representation of who you are as an artist and an opportunity for you to share who you are and grow your reputation.

Do you have time for a blog?

Actors are sometimes concerned with the idea that blogging will be a time suck. Blogging isn’t this evil entity that will take over your life and make you neglect other important areas of your acting such as auditioning or attending class ect.

To be fair, once you put in a little work and familiarize yourself with blogging, there should be no reason why it won’t be possible for you to schedule a day/time to publish a post.

You can even create your own content editing schedule.  This is a great way of working towards the actual days/weeks you plan on publishing your posts.  Start out small and steady.  Post once a week or twice a month, just to get the hang of it and go from there.

What can you blog about?

Share your story.

Did you recently have a lousy audition experience?  A funny situation that occurred on your way to an audition?  Something you find valuable that a casting director told you in the audition room?

Those are your stories and your truths.  That stuff is intriguing and enlightening.  Why not share it with your fellow actors?

Think of other creative ways you can share aspects of yourself.

How often should you blog?

You can blog once a week, twice a week or more.  What matters is that you do it consistently and give it the attention it needs.  What also matters is that you blog according to your own comfort zone.  If it feels like it’s becoming work, than don’t post as much, if you find that you really love it and want to post more, than post more.  There are no right or wrong answers here.

After a certain period of time, blogging will get easier for you, just like anything else.  The more you do it, the more understanding you will have about it.

It really isn’t a question of how many posts you do.  What matters most is the quality, not the quantity.  One blog post you publish can have people truly interested in what you have to say versus 50 published posts that brings silence.

What blogging platform should you use?

I would work with WordPress as your blogging platform of choice.  They are the best.  They have a powerful community, their blogging platform is easy to use and their plugin extensibility is remarkable.  I would highly recommend them to you.

WordPress is always upgrading their platform, which is a benefit to you because you will always be able to work with new features.  It helps to keep you in the know in the blogosphere.

They have an abundance of free WordPress themes and design capabilities that will make your life easier if you’re not the tech savvy type.

What Hosting company is best?

Bluehost.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working with Bluehost for a number of years and they’ve never let me down.  They are a great team that provides service for you 24/7, they are very affordable and their control panel for setting up websites is extremely comprehensive.

What kind of traffic to your site should you expect from blogging?

Results will always be different depending on who you are, how you set up your site and what sort of content you post.  It comes down to consistency.  It usually takes Google about 6 months before they start paying attention to your site and that’s after you index your site with Google.  After that period of time, you should begin to see traffic coming to your site.

Have a look at this article, How To Get Google To Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly, which will give you some detailed information on how to expedite the process.

Don’t expect to have floods of traffic coming to your site when you first start blogging.  It requires patience and practice.  Over time, you will get people visiting your website from blogging and from social media.


Overall, blogging can be a ton of fun and certainly something worth venturing into to enhance your acting career.  This is why we believe that actors should be blogging in today’s digital world.

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