Why Are You Giving Me The Slow Fade?

In this drama monologue, TEANNA talks to her boyfriend about how he seems to be giving her the slow fade when they have conversations.

Teanna: Why don’t you hear me when I talk?  You nod very well but when you respond it’s as if I said something else to you.  I don’t understand.  Do you not find me interesting enough?  Maybe what I have to say isn’t of much importance to you.

I know you love me.  I know.  I know you do.  I know but more and more I find myself working harder to share things with you and you pay attention less and less.

You don’t notice this?

You are distracted by your own thoughts.  I know you have a lot in your plate but there should always remain a section just for me.  Am I right?  How would you like it if I gave you the slow fade?  (beat). Wouldn’t it suck to be ignored.

That’s how I feel!  Ignored.  I tell you things that matter to me and the way you react is lame.  Whenever we spend time you are somewhere else.

I don’t want to fade out from your interests and if this is how you’re going to treat me then maybe we should reconsider this relationship.  There are plenty of other men who would die to have a conversation with me.  I don’t like being ignored.

Hello?  Did you hear anything I just said?!

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