Why’d You Run?

In Why’d You Run?, DOUG confronts his cousin about a fight he had not too long ago because he wants to get clarity on what exactly happened.

DOUG: Can I ask you something that’s been bothering me since last year? Remember when I fought those other kids in my neighborhood by myself?  You were there but you ran to get help.  Why did you leave me there?  Why didn’t you stay and fight with me?  You were all the help I needed.

I ended up getting a black eye and a fat lip and a bruised nose, almost broken all because you took off.  It would have been worth it if you fought with me.  You told me not to worry about it, you said wounds heal.  But, what about my inner wounds.  You know what I mean?

I looked up to you and you left me there to fight by myself!  Why did you leave me there all alone?!  It’s been eating at me ever since and I need to have this cleared up cause it gets in the way of our bond.

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