With You

In With You, AMY talks to her husband about their years of struggle and their recent success and what it truly means to her.

AMY:  I’m so proud of you babe. I really am. It’s weird how things have come along for us. We’ve really struggled, I wish we could share our story…but when I think about it, I’d rather keep it between us. No one knows what we went through, other than you and me. Isn’t that special? And we’ve stuck together, through it all.

When the world was beating me down, you were there for me as I was for you…I think things sometimes got so bad that we almost began to lose faith in eachother but we didn’t, did we? We did what a lot of people don’t do, we made eachother stronger and we did it together with nothing.

I’m telling you, one day this will mean everything to us…these past eight years, it will all be worth it. And no one can tell me or you that we didn’t fight for our dreams, or struggle the way we did…we fought alright, we put our love on the line many times, we sacrificed so much for eachother. And if you ask me, that’s love. That’s real love, it’s rare…to see something in someone when the world is so against them.

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Daniella Alma McGrath

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