Words That Were Spoken

In this monologue, Cindy confronts her best friend Lisa about things she overheard her say.

CINDY: I want to tell you what I’m feeling but I, (sighs)—I just can’t seem to wrap my lips around it.


Some of the things you said to me really cut me open…I just couldn’t imagine those things coming out from your mouth.

I’ve thought about it…pounding in my head for nights—I couldn’t escape it.  I became broken but like always, I slowly put myself back together again.  I kept debating in my mind if what you said was true because if I was to accept what you said as true, then I must be the biggest bitch we both have ever known.

That’s when I realized that I was making myself sick over nothing because you don’t truly know who I am.  If you did, you never would have said those things. What you said could have pained me a great deal.  It doesn’t.  It takes a lot more than words to lock me down from who I am.

So don’t worry about it. I forgive you even though I haven’t heard an apology….

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