Working Man

In short dramatic monologue Working Man, HARRISON stands on top of a car and gives the following speech to members of his town. 

HARRISON:  I never saw such hungry greed in all my life.  Bloodsuckers! That’s what they are!  They want to drain us until we are withered bags of skin and even then they want more.  You are taking a short change of money for your property and feeding these demons more money then you and I can ever dream.

We are simple, hard-working men and women and we are not evenly matched against these slippery paper handlers.  They buy what they want and they get what they want and now they got you, our town and all that we’ve stood for as a community.

It’s all too late and I hope your children and your children’s children don’t suffer at the hands of these wolves…so help us, God!

Joseph Arnone