Wrong Side of the Tracks

In this male drama monologue, BERNARDO visits an elderly rich woman on her estate.  As the story goes, when he was a younger man struggling to survive, he had asked this woman, Mrs. Emily for a loan to start a business.  She scoffed at the idea and humiliated him.  Years have gone by since he ventured out on his own.  It is this very day that he has returned to the town and her estate an established and successful man.

BERNARDO:  You told me I would be nothing.  You told me that I was just some loser born on the wrong side of the tracks.  A peasant as I recall it.  A low life peasant.  Racist against me cause I’m Italian.  Thinking I’m in the mafia.

You never looked me in the eyes and observed my character, my make up as a man; you judged me and criticized me and never gave me a fair chance.  Had I not had olive skin, you would have given me that loan for my business…but I digress.  Perhaps you still would have laughed and waved me off as you did, unless there was some large piece of the pie for you.  Too large, I’m afraid, always too large indeed.

All that unnecessary stuff, for what?  To prove what, Mrs. Emily?  To prove you are the stronger one, the dominant one, the one who calls the shots…hmmm.  Maybe you do, may you call all the shots.

One thing is certain…this visit is not just ‘a visit’.  No.  I’m a busy man these days…this is a business trip.  You see, Mrs. Emily…I am making a purchase today.  (beat)  I am buying the entire town and everything in it, from the buildings to the land they stand on.  You see?  I have swept the carpet out from under you, you old hag!

And I hope you live another fifteen years to see what I’m going to do next!  You wretched old bat!  You evil, crooked, spiteful woman!  I’ve taken over your world and everything in it and there is not a single thing you can do!

THIS, this is your destiny my dear Mrs. Emily.  For all those people you’ve ousted and put into ruins, they are all coming back.  I have my men out there, locating each and every one of them and their families.  All the wrong you have done has come to an end and will be set right by me so help me God.

The evil tyranny you have displayed during your rein has come to its final day.  I am the new king around here. You have been dethroned…

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