In this monologue, JIMBO talks to his buddy about the power of his bullshit.

JIMBO: Why don’t you just blow it out your ass, Rich?  No, really, really, blow it right out of your ass because you are so full of shit I can’t even take it anymore.  I never met anyone and I mean anyone in all my life that has such a line of bullshit like you.

How have you gotten this far on planet Earth is mind boggling to me.  That in and of itself is a master stroke of genius.  If I could dissect the amount of times I’ve seen you wiggle your way out of trouble, just by the sheer power of your bullshit, my God, I’d have sheet music scored to make me a wealthy man.  There wouldn’t be a person alive who wouldn’t want to buy your notes.

You should, really, you should write a thousand page book filled with all your bullshit.  It will be a New York Times best seller. It would outrank Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  That’s how much bullshit you can yarn.

Joseph Arnone


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