Yellow Dress

In this short original dramatic script, a terrorist bomb has gone off in an airport and throughout the ordeal two strangers have bonded.


MAN sits in diner booth alone. WOMAN comes walking in and sits across from him. Both are covered in white dust and minor scratches.

MAN: What did they say?

WOMAN: They’re identifying the bodies, they’ll be in touch shortly.


I’m sorry, do you mind if we leave?

MAN: I just need to take a few deep breaths, my heart is pounding.

WOMAN: What part of the terminal were you in?

MAN: The South.

WOMAN: We were there too, my sister went to the ATM. I can’t remember which way she went. I have a feeling she went outside.

MAN: We left our numbers at the hospital.

WOMAN: …She was wearing, a yellow dress. We only just picked it out yesterday…we argued over it because she wouldn’t believe me when I told her how good she looked in it.

MAN: Do you mind if I grab a shot of whiskey?

WOMAN: Sure.

Man starts coughing. He gets up but falls back into the chair.

WOMAN: Are you okay? Breathe, just breathe.(to Waitress) Excuse me, can you grab some water,
please?? He needs water immediately. (to Man) Just breathe. Let’s put things into perspective. Everyone is lost. That’s the problem right now. Everyone just went their separate ways.

Man’s phone rings.

MAN: Hello? Yes…Is she okay? (beat) I’ll be there. Thank you, Doctor. (puts phone down) She’s alive, oh my angel…she’s alive, Frances! I need to go back to the hospital. Do you want to come with me? We can inquire about your sister again.

WOMAN: Richard, I’m too scared to leave.

MAN: Frances, I promise, I won’t leave you. (holds her hands in his hands) Okay? I will stay right here with you.

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a British actress, born and raised in London, UK, now living in New York City. Also as a journalist and film producer of Monologue Blogger, she conducts interviews with emerging filmmakers from around the globe and develops creative projects for the future of MB Films. Her leading film work as an actress has premiered in notable film festivals, including Renaissance Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival.